How do we know who you are?
We want Koywe integration to be easy, which is why if you only want our crypto onramp, you can integrate our widget without credentials.
If you want to modify it more deeply, or connect through our API, get in touch at [email protected]​
Once you're registered as a partner, you'll have two integration parameters:
  • Client Id: your business's unique identifier at Koywe that'll look something like this 63631a561f41f8fd18f8c3e0
  • Secret: A secret, unsharable string that will allow us to determine who you are, kind of like a password.
Through both these parameters you'll be able to get authenticated on our API and make calls to private endpoints.
SDK: The SDK integration allows a Client ID as an input. This way, our API will identify all the requests coming from your specific instance. If you don't provide a Client ID, the API will asume you're coming from Koywe.com.