Testing URL: https://api-sandbox.koywe.com/graphql

This URL runs an Apollo explorer instance, in case you want to test directly from your browser.

Contact us at hola@koywe.com to get your Credentials or to schedule a personalized tour around the platoform.

Testing: Our testing API works on the different testnets of major blockchains. We have a limited token stock, so we ask your help in not using them all or returning the tokens once the testing is done.

Queries and Mutations

To send requests to the GraphQL API, you always have to send a POST request to the base URL, including the query and any variable as a JSON object. An example to authenticate using CURL (Authorization header included for illustrative purposes):

curl --request POST \
    --header 'content-type: application/json' \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer JWTTOKEN' \
    --url 'https://api-sandbox.koywe.com/graphql' \
    --data '{"query":"mutation authenticate($input: AuthInput!) {\n  authenticate(input: $input) {\n    token\n  }\n}","variables":{"input":{"clientId":"63631a561f41f8fd18f8c3e0","secret":"supersecretstringFTW"}}}'

In the following examples, we will only write down the JSON object.

The next two services allows in a directly way the validation of a final user. The first service sends a code to an email specified by the user’s input. This code must be provided as an input to the second service, where the user will be validated and session data will be returned.

Authenticated Queries

All the following queries require a Bearer Token in the headers:

Authorization: Bearer [token]