On ramp Payment Methods and limits

Some payment methods restrict the amount of fiat you can use on testing environments (for Khipu itā€™s around 50 USD maximum, for Palomma itā€™s around 1.25 USD minimum, in the local currencies). We recommend testing with less than 50 dollars or the equivalent amount in local currency to prevent errors.

You will also notice the amount limits are different on the testing API. Whereas in production you will see a minimum amount of around 25 USD and a maximum of 8,000 USD, the testing API will allow lower and higher amounts.

Testnet tokens and prices

Some tokens avaialable in production are NOT available on the some of the testnets. For example, USDT is not available on Polygon testnets, and thus will not be available on our testing API. However, it will available on production.

Additionally, you might encounter prices that are off market or pairs that are not available.

How we use the Testing API

When we do our testing, we usually start with an on ramp to get the test tokens weā€™ll need to do an off ramp.

  1. We create users using accounts for each of the countries we want to test.
  2. For each user and country, we create JWT session tokens using the authentication endpoint.
  3. We create executable quotes for the tokens we want to test. We always choose payment methods that have testing capabilities, like Khipu or Palomma.
  4. With the quote, we test if the duration is sufficient for users to confirm the order.
  5. If the quote is still valid, we create an order using it, making sure we pass the right wallet address on the providedAddress field.
  6. We follow the link returned by the API to pay the order.
  7. We follow through the payment steps of each payment method. Usually, the passwords or codes are either 1234 or 123456 or are stated on the screen.
  8. We wait for the webhooks and blockchain confirmations, occasionally querying the orders endpoint to check the status.

After receiving test tokens, we can try out the off ramps:

  1. We create a bank account for each user.
  2. We get an executable quote for an off ramp. The only difference is switching the order of the symbols. For on ramps, symbolOut will be a crypto symbol; for off ramps it will be a fiat symbol.
  3. Passing the bankAccount id in the providedAddress field, we create an off ramp order.
  4. The API returns a wallet address to which we send the exact amount we ordered.
  5. We wait for the webhooks and blockchain confirmations, occasionally querying the orders endpoint to check the status.

For off ramps, once we have confirmed the testnet crypto payment, we always simulate a successful bank transaction. To add more real world conditions, weā€™re working on simulating failed transfers.