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Take a look at Koywe’s purchasing flow in a minute and a half!

Demo video of the complete flow when buying crypto on Koywe

Why Koywe Came About

The list of issues we face as a society is long: poverty, hunger, climate change, centralization, quality education, social cohesion, and more.

How can we change the way we solve these issues? How can we organize differently?

At Koywe we want to help try proposed models of change, new economies that are looking to balance sustainability with an equivalent economic growth. We believe crypto-based and blockchain technologies present great alternative ways of organizing, and new incentives that help us act better to start solving these issues in the best of ways.

Koywe is infrastructure so that Latinamerica can become a relevant actor when it comes to these models, giving easier access to more people, and letting new business models use blockchain as one of their foundation pillars.

The Koywe is a tree native to the Patagonia that can withstand even the harshest winters. Our clients are entrepreneurs that want to be like the Koywe, that want solid ventures, want to develop new scalable business and use cases, with a clear mission, who also want to revolutionize their industries. We want to help them create an interconnected forest through blockchain.

A message from our founders:

Fun fact: This is the video we used when applying to YC

What Koywe Came About For

Koywe is services and interface that make it easier and simpler to buy and sell crypto in Latinamerica for the fairest price while using local currency and payment methods.

We’re not a wallet or custodial, we’re not an exchange, we’re infrastructure that connects the traditional financial world to crypto.

Take a look at our use cases section to get a better idea of the things you can do with Koywe. Even so, there’s no limit! We’ll do all we can to help you empower your business through these new technologies.